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48th HKFS Festival Group Info



Maximum performance time: 8 minutes per group


The evening will feature performances by 12 of our member groups followed by a night of dancing and fun with musical entertainment provided by VIS Croate.  

This is a festival in transition and was planned in a relatively short period of time under unusual circumstances. While every effort will be made to ensure a smooth event, oversights may occur.  

We are counting on everyone’s support and patience and together we will have a great and fun event!


  • Each member group (performing or not) is responsible for buying 10 tickets.

  • All performance content must be authentic Croatian folklore. 

  • Every person in the hall needs to wear a wristband. This is to determine proof of ticket purchase as well proof of legal drinking age. Anyone not wearing a wristband will be asked to leave or purchase a new ticket on the spot, subject to availability.  Every person – no exception: performer, instructor, volunteer, odbor member, public.

  • REMINDER: each group will be allotted 10 minutes including entrance and exit time.  Therefore a maximum of 8 minutesof actual program time. Please do not go over the allocated time. 


TICKETS: While there has been a tremendous response from our groups for tickets, we realize that many tickets have been purchased for the after-show portion (start time tbd).  To try to accommodate as many people possible for the full event, including dinner, please provide the following information, to the best of your knowledge. (See form at end).

A.  Non-performers: of the tickets purchased, how many are for after the concert/dinner? In other words, how many of your tickets are for those who have no intention of coming for the show or dinner?

Example: group purchases 30 adult tickets but knows that 20 of those people are coming after for the dance portion. Therefore we will only be providing one table of 10. “After” tickets are general admission only. 

B.  Non-performers:  How many of your tickets are only for the concert and/or dinner and are for those who have no intention of staying for the dance portion?

Example: group purchases 30 tickets but knows that 10 people will not be staying and will be leaving immediately after the show.

C.  Non-performers:  if you purchased tickets to meet your minimum requirement but have no intention of attending, for whatever reason, please indicate.

D.  Performers: Performers have free admission. How many of your performers are actually staying? Please note: every performer will have a ticket as well.  No ticket = no entrance.  


ENTRANCE: use the main door ONLY. Each group will be directed to their area, either behind the bar or up on the balcony.  Photo ID will be required for coded wrist bands and this applies to performers and non-performers.


PERFORMANCE:  The schedule will be provided or posted in the week prior to the event. If possible, it is highly recommended that groups come dressed in their nošnje. Seats are being provided for performers and we strongly encourage groups to watch each other and cheer each other on, as this option is not usually available. Runners will assist groups with keeping the flow going. 

Reminder: move. Each group has 8 minutes of performance time.  A team will set up to adjust microphones on stage accordingly. 




GROUP ANNOUCEMENT: If you’d like us to mention something specific, we will try to incorporate some or most of it in the minute you have to get on stage. Do not expect us to read your entire text.


BACK ROOM: The back room will be locked and there will be no access after the performances; please ensure that you remove all your belongings right after the performances.  If required, we will find storage space for belongings.  Savez is not responsible for lost, misplaced or missing items. 



All dinners are pre-ordered through the groups. Make certain you have your orders in, as there will be no day-of purchases.  Dinners will not be available until after the program so top-up before your arrival or bring snacks for the smaller children.  

Dinners will be individually prepacked on the spot in Styrofoam containers (servers will wear masks and gloves).  Dinner consists of catered Portuguese chicken, rice, potatoes, salad, bun. Disposable utensils will be provided. Representation from each group will be called up to collect the exact number of pre-purchased dinners to avoid long line-ups.  Collect your containers and cutlery and go back to the tables. Dispose of the containers yourselves, a garbage bag will be provided.  Please pick up after your groups periodically throughout the evening.



DANCE:  After the concert, there will be a zabava/dance with VIS Croate. Tickets will to subject to availability; we reserve the right to close the doors at any time.  Tickets will be $20, no matter when.

SECURITY:  hired security will be present at the entrances.

TICKET PICK UP: upon payment, ticket pick-up will be arranged with local groups. We will deal individually with non-local groups.


HOTELS:  Each group is responsible for its own hotels, if needed.  H-KFS has nothing to do with this and will make no suggestions or recommendations.

GROUP DUTIES:  Some responsibilities have already been allocated to local groups. We will discuss this further at the meeting on Friday April 29.

This show will be video recorded for archival purposes; segments may be used for Savez video promos.

Any group which has not paid its membership and met its obligations to Savez is ineligible to perform.

Need more info:

Please contact Treasurer John Smiciklas for payment at

Cheques payable to Canadian Croatian Folklore Federation and mailed to: 

2028 Gander Street

Oakville, ON

L6H 3X7

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